Mailing lists

There are a few mailing lists currently associated with the FreeRADIUS server project. The lists are as follows

Code of Conduct

All mailing lists have a strict code of conduct:

People should be helpful. Messages should be goal-oriented, and that goal should be getting FreeRADIUS to do something.

This code of conduct was defined after many years of experience running the list. It is simple to explain, and simple to enforce. Unlike other codes of conduct, it does not require people to be "inclusive" or "accepting" of certain topics. It requires people to be blind to non-technical topics, as those subjects are explicitly off-topic.

The main people who complain about the code of conduct, or about conduct on the list, are people who are actively violating it. Such behavior is antisocial, and will not be tolerated.

We understand that FreeRADIUS is a large project, and it can be difficult to create complex configurations. We understand that not everyone is an expert in FreeRADIUS. We are welcoming to new comers who want to solve problems.

We are not welcoming to people who violate the code of conduct. Such people are told politely, but firmly, to follow the code of conduct.


When you post a question to the list, you should:

In short, good questions get good answers. Bad questions get bad answers.

When you post a question to the list, you should not:

There are always a few people who get upset when developers try to help them. However, those people have a negative effect disproportionate to their numbers. They complain loudly about being "mistreated" when asked technical questions about what they have done. They complain even louder when told that their behavior is violating the code of conduct for the list.

Naive observers can conclude that the list is negative or unfriendly. This is not true. The list is technical, and the list is impersonal. People are not on the list to make friends, they are on the list to solve problems. While the list is friendly, anyone expecting to be coddled should not be asking questions on a technical list.