Developers' List Information

The freeradius-devel mailing list is for developers of the FreeRADIUS server. There are a few house-rules to which we'd like everybody on the list to adhere:

Developers only.
This isn't meant to sound haughty, but people who have no intention of programming often think that their particular itch is too important for a discussion list containing only people just like themselves, so they'd rather bother the people who must certainly know all about their itch, the developers. Don't. Would you call the manufacturer of your car, demand to speak to the designers, and ask them how to change the oil? If so, you deserve the flames that you'll get.
No HTML on the list.
If you're using a mail program that is HTML capable such as Netscape or Outlook, please turn HTML posting off. Many, many people on the list have chosen to use mail programs that aren't HTML capable and they can barely read your message -- it shows up as HTML junk. There are a lot of webpages that can show you how.
No vcards.
Basically this is the same as HTML; if you don't actually use MIME in a useful way (such as base64 encoding a patch to make sure it doesn't get mangled along the way) please don't use it at all -- vcards etc show up as a lot of junk too. Again, there are a lot of webpages that show you how.
Learn how to Quote.
When replying to a message, quote only the relevant parts of the previous message, and reply below every quoted part. Also make sure you have set the quoting character to "> " if your mailer has such a setting (like Outlook). This is a non-HTML, internet standard list -- things like "the original message is in blue my answer is in red" don't work. In MS Outlook this is called Internet-style quoting.
Starting a new subject.
When you start a new subject, don't do it by replying to a previous message. Not even if you change the subject header -- people use threaded mail readers, and even if you do change the subject header it still looks like your message is part of the discussion you are replying to. Simply start a new fresh message to .
Read the FAQ.
Before asking the obvious, please check the FAQ at to see if your question has been answered already. (The FAQ list is pretty out-of-date, though.)
Read the Netiquette.
The netiquette has a few rules of behaviour that are applicable to all means of electronic communication. The netiquette is also known as RFC1855.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe

This is a 'mailman' list, so most transactions should take place through the web interface. If you don't have or don't want web access, you may use email to manage you subscription; mail with the word help in the body.

Subscribing to the list:

Visit the list's subscription page.

Unsubscribing from the list:

The same subscription page is used for unsubscribing as well as subscribing.

Simply enter your email address in the lowest box on that page and click the "Edit Options" page. If you don't know your password (anymore) there is a button on that page to get the system to mail your password back to you.

Archive of the list

There is an archive of the list available on the web, searchable through Google: