EAP Methods

FreeRADIUS was the first Open Source RADIUS server to support EAP. It has defined the standard for how RADIUS servers should manage EAP sessions. As of Version 2.0, it supports more EAP methods than any other RADIUS server, commercial or Open Source.

The following EAP methods are supported by FreeRADIUS 2.0 for wired, or for WiFi authentication.

The following methods are also supported, but cannot be used with WPA or IEEE 802.1X WEP keying.


1   Via the "eap2" module, by using the hostapd libeap.so library. This module is experimental, and may not be ready for use in a production environment. This module is only available in FreeRADIUS versions 2.0 and later. It is not available in earlier versions of the server.

2   Via the "eap" module, using the native FreeRADIUS EAP implementation.

3   Via both of the "eap" and "eap2" modules. Some functionality may differ between the two implementations. See the configuration files for more details.