FreeRADIUS is developed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPLv2), and is free for download and use. Commercial support is available from Network RADIUS.


Feature 3.x Series

Version 3.0.5: tar.gz (PGP Signature)
Version 3.0.5: tar.bz2 (PGP Signature)

Stable 2.x Series

Version 2.2.6: tar.gz (PGP Signature)
Version 2.2.6: tar.bz2 (PGP Signature)

Mirrors: GR   GR (2)   UK   FR (main site)

Older releases are available here.

Binary Packages

Binary packagesfor a number of platforms are available from third parties.

Cygwin, Debian, DragonFlyBSD (via NetBSD pkgsrc), Fedora, FreeBSD, Mac OSX (Leopard Server), Mandriva, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Suse, Windows, Ubuntu.

Version 1.1 - No longer maintained!

As of January 2008, the version 1.1.x releases are no longer actively maintained. Version 1.1.8 was the last release in that cycle. We recommend that everyone using Version 1.1.8 (or any earlier version) upgrade to the latest 2.x release as soon as possible.

If there are any security isses found in Version 1.1.8, we will release a Version 1.1.9 to fix them. However, any new features or bug fixes will not be added to the 1.1.x releases.

Version 1.1.8: tar.gz (PGP Signature)
Version 1.1.8: tar.bz2 (PGP Signature)

Checking out from source control

See for the new "git" tree of the FreeRADIUS server. The other projects are still accessible via the CVS instruction page.


Some documentation is available in the online man pages.

See also the Wiki for much more detailed documentation.