Instructions for Developers

As the name suggests, FreeRADIUS is developed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPLv2). We invite anyone to use and contribute code to the project. The following information should prove useful for potential contributors.

Patches and contributions

If you're considering submitting a patch, please read the doc/DIFFS file in the server distribution for instructions, and also the bug tracking system. While patches can be mail to the lists, we prefer that they be submitted also via the online bug system.

Development of FreeRADIUS is done using Github. Please submit issues, bugs, patches, etc. there. Additional instructions are on the wiki.

The FTP site contains some additional patches that are specialized and haven't been applied to the tree.

Development mailing list

We encourage everyone who might contribute code to join the FreeRADIUS development list. This list is highly technical and isn't for most users of the server. For normal discussion of the server and how to use it, there's a FreeRADIUS user-list. You should only subscribe to the development list if you are interested in writing software for the new server.

A CVS snapshot of the current development (possibly unstable) version is placed weekly on the CVS-snapshots/ sub-directory of the FTP site, but developers should use CVS.

Miscellaneous links

RADIUS RFC's and drafts: The two most important are RFC2865 and RFC2866. These are the new RFCs, which replace the old ones, RFC2138 and RFC2139

Related items: Other RADIUS servers, and more RADIUS information.

There are mirrors of the FTP site. See the mirrors web page for details.