About the FreeRADIUS Project

FreeRADIUS was founded in June 1999 by Miquel van Smoorenburg and Alan DeKok. The first public "alpha" release of the code was in August 1999, with 0.1 being released in May 2001. Since then, new versions have been released every few months.

Since then, the project has grown to include support for more authentication types than any other open source server. It is used daily by 100 million people to access the Internet. There are over 50 thousand sites using FreeRADIUS, ranging in size from 10 users to over 10 million users.

Since its founding, the project has expanded to include a number of other RADIUS related products, including

Core Team

The current core FreeRADIUS members are (in alphabetical order by last name): Former core members (in alphabetical order by last name):

The thanks page lists more people who have contributed in the past, but who may no longer be part of active development.